About Us

We shared a dream that united us and led us to an important and positive turning point in our life, taking us overseas to the wonderful island of Mallorca

Alessandro had spent his whole life behind a bank desk, so it was all completely new. After a short training period, he immediately put himself in the role of an ice-cream maker, carrying out his work of ice-cream production with all the care and good organisation required to achieve a good result.

Patrizia, who performed several tasks – the most important of which is, however, the never-ending job to be a mum – began her work history by chance in an ice-cream parlour, without imagining that one day she would have one of her own.

Since our arrival we immediately started to get weaving in order to create our ice-cream parlour. A new life was beginning! There were, however, many uncertainties in store, many new things to be learned, one challenge after the other, but with positivity and with willpower we eventually overcame every obstacle step by step.

The secret, however, lies in our recipes, which we inherited from a friend and master of ours, Andrea Vescia, who studied for years and followed the advice of the best Italian ice-cream makers who kept up the name of real ice cream, conceived and created with natural and quality products, combining flavours to achieve the perfect balance.

Our success lies precisely in our union, the fusion of two completely different personalities which combined, whoever, have given shape to the heart that is found in our logo. On the one hand there is Patrizia, who represents creativity, imagination, change, generosity, and passion. On the other hand, we find Alessandro, with his well-known sense of duty, precision, certainty and constancy, and consequently, with the ability to carry out his commitments up to the end.

The combination of these two complementary and well-blended halves resulted in the birth of “Corazón Helado”, our precious ice-cream parlour, which was created in our image and likeness. It represents us and in it we identify ourselves in turn, in the harmony of colours, in the details, in the choice of natural materials and in the cleanliness that bear witness to the care we take of it. In our nest, we feel comfortable and our customers feel the same, enveloped in the beauty and hospitality and pampered as they are by the small attentions that we lavish on everything.


We live our work every day with enthusiasm and we like to share our well-being (and sometimes also our tiredness) with our customers, but basically there are love, joy and passion in what we do, because we chose to do what we like and what makes us happy. Only in this way can we offer a pleasant experience to all those who come and visit us.

We make everything with our own hands, starting from the ice cream, yoghurt, freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, which we also use for our granita. Then there are our freshly-baked waffles, made according to our own recipe, and the selection of cakes and tiramisu. Finally, we use our own Neapolitan coffee, characterised by a strong aroma and intense flavour, which is often chosen to accompany one of these delights.

Come and visit us!

Our shop closed to the seafront!

Our ice-cream shop, with his outdoor, is placed in a beautifull area in Paseo de Illetas, really closed to the seafront!

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