Gelato and more

We offer catering service for weddings, banquets and private parties wherever you want, even on a boat.

We bring the flavours you like most with our classic style ice-cream cart or using smaller and more versatile Cool Boxes, which adapt to any type of party because they offer you the option to choose between two or four flavours and decide whether to take advantage of our presence or manage them freely by yourself.

Ice-cream cart

Our homemade ice cream can arrive at your party to amaze and delight your guests with our ice cream cart with an elegant design and vintage charm, 100% made in Italy.
Suitable for: parties, birthdays, weddings, meetings, events, inaugurations.
The ice cream cart can hold up to 12 different flavors and serve up to 450 people.
The ice cream cart is delivered ready to use with ice cream, cones, cups, scoops and a member of our staff, smiling and prepared!


Corazon Helado - Coolbox

The ice cream in a professional container with 6 hours of autonomy, transportable wherever you want, for private events or small catering. It can hold up to 16 kg of ice cream.It can serve 50 to 100 people, 2/4 flavors of ice cream, easy to transport, like a briefcase and possibly with a support cart. Included in the rental are: spoons, cups, cones, napkins.
• Works without electricity
• Also enters the trunk of a small city car
• It can be carried by hand or on a trolley

Italian gelato you're dreaming for your party or event!