Other products


Another product made exclusively with fresh low-fat yoghurt, milk and some sugar, necessary to remove acidity and with an anti-freeze function, is our Natural Frozen Yoghurt

which can be either enjoyed alone or accompanied by a variety of toppings and fruit and chocolate sauces, also home-made by us.



Granita is another of the products that you can taste in our ice-cream parlour. We prepare it using just water and sugar.

Once frozen, you can enjoy it with the addition of your choice between freshly-squeezed fruit juices, coffee or pure mint essence.



Waffles are sweet cakes, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, cooked on hot plates that give it its characteristic pattern of squares, which we prepare in the shape of a heart.

For the preparation of the dough we follow our own recipe using only natural ingredients, including milk, butter and eggs. They can be enjoyed alone or combined with our ice cream, frozen yoghurt, honey or fresh fruit.


Italian gelato you're dreaming for your party or event!